Where others see roadblocks, we see opportunities to keep the oil flowing.


Get your product to market

We know you want to get your oil to the market as planned at the best possible price – but it’s not always that simple. We help you:

  • Find the pipeline or refinery that best meets your product specifications
  • Avoid abandoned barrels
  • Get the most for your crude

And our long history of financial stability offers peace of mind that you will always get paid on schedule.

Maximum profit   |   Superior service   |   Prompt payments

Midstream | Downstream

Quality and reliability you can count on

We know you want to be confident the product entering your pipeline and refinery has been thoroughly tested and is on spec. That’s why we employ industry experts to test our product at every stage of the process. We help you:
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase peace of mind
  • Move more product

And we take great care of your assets as we do it. Our compliance with your regulatory and HSE requirements will exceed your expectations.

No surprises   |   Superior service   |   Proven quality

Additional Services

Our relationships with refiners, midstream companies and fuel markets allow us to provide an additional suite of services


Midcon’s Refined Products division provides a critical link between our refining partners and our downstream customers looking for the highest quality petroleum and petrochemical products to meet both their wholesale and retail needs.
Our wholesale team specializes in sourcing high-quality refined products and distributing them to wholesale and retail customers, both domestic and abroad, through a variety of channels (pipeline, terminals, trucking, rail and marine transportation). Common petroleum and petrochemical products our team supplies include, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, naphtha and condensates, LPG’s, aviation fuels, intermediates and residual cuts, as well as methanol, ethanol, and glycol. 
Our mission is to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to both our suppliers and customers, while fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust. We are committed to providing fast, reliable deliveries to all our customers, and we take pride in offering competitive pricing while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and how we can help meet your specific needs.


MidCon’s Natural Gas Liquids Marketing team brings experience, customization and detailed service to the gas liquids marketing process. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

  • Purchase y-grade or raw mix liquids
  • Purchase stabilized and field condensate
  • Purchase NGL component products (such as propane, butane and natural gasoline)
  • Coordinate and manage logistics for transporting condensate and NGLs
  • Market high ethane raw mix
  • Capture NGL value from high BTU natural gas

We purchase a variety of products all along the liquids supply chain – from the wellhead, drip stations, gas processing plants, condensate stabilizers and fractionation facilities. We then target aggregation opportunities, provide end-to-end transportation, and determine the best market for NGLs and condensate.


Need help getting your product from the wellhead to the pipeline or refinery? We’ve built strong relationships with reputable logistic partners all over the country. Don’t settle for unreliable, unsafe trucking companies that put your product and business at risk. We’ll provide the peace of mind that your product is safely being moved on schedule and as promised.