Our process

How we keep
the oil flowing

The solution: Experienced personnel at every step


We understand the full complexity of your crude

Producers locate and extract crude. In some cases, they are connected directly to a pipeline for which their product meets the specifications. But that’s not always the case.  For barrels that don’t have an immediate market, the most important factor is understanding the chemistry of your crude and the different specs in the market.

MidCon solution: Our marketers’ full understanding of the crude market allows us to:

  • Find a pipeline or refinery that meets the crude’s spec or get the product to spec.
  • Pick up, transport and pay for your crude on time and as promised
  • Safely transport crude from your well site to appropriate pipeline or refinery


Continued quality control

MidCon solution: We have experts at every station that understand the composition of our crude. Whether it is one of our locations, or another midstream industry connection, we know the product entering the pipeline meets all the required specifications.

Pipelines are confident that the product coming from MidCon is fit for their stream so the oil can keep flowing.


A proven result

MidCon solution: In the case where product skips the pipeline and is delivered directly to the refinery, we have the logistical expertise to get it there.

Refineries can confidently process on-spec oil with no surprises, and the oil keeps flowing from upstream, to midstream to downstream.