Our Mission

Your Reliable Partner From Wellhead to Market...

Our mission has always and will continue to put focus on the customer first in an ever-changing oil and gas market. As we find problems in the marketplace, we strive for efficient solutions regardless of product or market. This mandate has helped us grow as fast as we have, without sacrificing service to the customer.

Today’s Oil Market

see what the producer facing in current date and what they actually need

Current Situation

Uncertain prices

From $100+ to the $40’s. Are these prices here to stay

Extremely thin margins

Fixed operating costs and equipment finance costs keep profits at a minimum

Fierce competition

Every producer must be as efficient and effective as possible to maximize profits

Producer’s Need

Certainly and accuracy

The peace of mind that their crude is well taken care of and accounted for

Cost reductions to maintain profits

Every penny counts and solutions that save money to take the crude to market are in high demand

A reliable partner with simple solutions

A turnkey partner to work with, that has their best interest in mind

Our Commitment

Acommitment to service, reliability and consistency

MidCon Gathering’s focus is simple: to provide excellent gathering and marketing services for independent producers with first-class, state-of-the-art tracking, real-time reporting and an excellent overall experience.

MidCon Gathering’s operations typically purchase crude oil at the producer’s lease or central processing facility, transports the crude oil to a pipeline, rail terminal, or refinery and sells the crude oil to a credit qualified purchaser.

MidCon Gathering markets your crude to a solid network of end users and large and credit worthy crude marketing companies at many strategic locations. We focus on the highest possible netbacks for producers for maximum profitability, on-time payments and steady cash flow.