MidCon Gathering is a transport service company by definition, and with that being the case, product delivery, reliable service, and customer satisfaction are the tenets of our organization. We guarantee fulfillment on everything from our trucks’ DOT compliance to our market competitive pricing.

MidCon’s trucking affiliate is an industry leader in crude oil transportation, and was founded in conjunction with MidCon to be its exclusive provider of crude transport services. The advantages of having this resource at its disposal are many, with rapid response and market optionality being at the forefront of the many benefits produced by this partnership.

MidCon Gathering puts a lot of work, care, and investment into to the selection of drivers, general workplace safety, and process technology. These drivers and operators are 100% DOT compliant, and all are background checked per industry standard. Our continued drive to put safety first has put behind us an impeccable safety record that speaks for itself. The partnership has also invested quite a bit of money into technology and software that ensure delivery of product without any back office headaches. Our system is a true ticketless system, which allows for streamlined back office accounting processes and less room for human error, saving both time and money for the producer, refiner, or purchaser.