Gabi Abdo
( Chief Operating Officer )

Gabi Abdo joined MidCon Gathering in October of 2016 as Chief Operating Officer. Gabi has been associated with MidCon from its inception and has been instrumental in the development of MidCon through his leadership experience and optimization of oil gathering through marketing and operations. Prior to joining MidCon, Gabi served as COO to Spears Production Co, Inc., a crude gathering company that was merged into MidCon in October of 2016. Gabi perviously served as Director of VCC USA, where he spent 15+ years of his career in the commercial construction space. Throughout his career, Gabi has been an innovative and well-rounded technology executive and entrepreneur with a strong track record of leveraging technology to improve business results through utilizing existing and emerging technologies to maximize profit margin.

Gabi attended the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas and holds a degree in Computer Science.