MidCon’s Fuels Marketing team bring industry expertise, flexibility and best-in-class service to the fuels marketing process.

Our end product and highest quality service speak for themselves.

Fuels Marketing Services

  • Purchase diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline, LPG, and Naptha
  • Purchase from refineries or wholesale distributors
  • Coordinate and manage logistics for transporting all fuels products
  • Capture value from refined products with end market optionality

Fuels purchasing, transportation, and marketing services are being offered by MidCon and its affiliates. Through MidCon’s relationships with refiners, midstream companies and fuel markets, we are able to provide a suite of services. We purchase a variety of products all along the liquids supply chain, from the refineries, distributors, or first purchasers. We target aggregation opportunities, provide end-to-end transportation, and determine the best market for these fuel products. These services allow our refiners and other customers to minimize their risk and maximize the value of their fuels. MidCon’s experienced marketing team is committed to securing reliable pipeline, truck, barge, and rail car access at competitive rates to provide better netbacks to sellers. Our purchasing and storage activity, along with our relationships with numerous major liquids terminals and fractionation facilities allows MidCon deliverability of continuous supply at multiple locations.