Crude Oil

MidCon Gathering puts a tremendous effort in ensuring that oil producers have peace of mind when it comes to deliverability of product, and maximization of profits. These two facets of everyday business have been, and continue to be paramount in MidCon’s customer retention. Our current infrastructure and strategic partnerships allow for flexibility and optionality in an uncertain market.

MidCon’s logistics and commercial teams work in unison to afford us seamless integration in bringing crude oil from the wellhead to the market. Here are a few of the best-in-class services offered by MidCon Gathering and its affiliates.

Pre-Market Due Diligence

  • Assist with crude & hydrocarbon laboratory testing and analysis, guaranteeing accurate field testing
  • Competitive Market Analysis examining both local and non-local markets
  • Analysis of logistical opportunities within constrained areas, with full vetting of all transportation assets to ensure safety, service and reliability
  • Assistance with regulatory departments, paperwork, and permitting

Producer Services

  • Purchasing and selling crude oil at the lease
  • Marketing to firm and reliable takeaway options
  • In-house trucking affiliate with strong brand and quality reputation
  • Detailed and organized run statements delivered in customers preferred method, prompt payment by wire or check, settlement terms per industry standard practices

Crude Oil Transportation & Marketing

  • On-site introductions with transporters, pumpers, and key personnel
  • Providing delivery optionality and the most competitive pricing
  • Company-owned fleet of trucks, trailers, and drivers
  • Transporting crude via truck, rail, pipe and barge; by way of the most efficient means possible
  • Supporting front to back office
  • Distribution Services - Division order preparation, severance taxes, ownership transfers, and revenue reporting
  • Owner Relations - Accurate and on time payments, royalty relations, and title transfers


MidCon Gathering is committed to providing our customers with superior service from our well-trained, environmentally conscious staff. Focusing on environmental, health and safety performance is a core value of the organization and reflected through our impeccable safety record. Our OSHA record, and continuous regulatory compliance with all relevant agencies proves our strong commitment to safety in this industry.