MidCon Gathering is an independent, growth-oriented energy infrastructure and marketing company providing a full suite of midstream services to producers, and marketing services for a wide range of products in the oil & gas supply chain.

We are focused on developing innovative, efficient, and cost-saving solutions for oil and gas producers with the goal of maximizing the profit which producers retain for their hydrocarbons. MidCon’s long standing industry relationships, strategic asset base, and affiliated partners make it possible for MidCon to provide the best market optionality in highly competitive production zones. As MidCon has grown, so has our suite of services offered. We have expanded our best in class oil and gas gathering services to include marketing and transportation of fuels, refined products, and NGLs as well. Whether you are a producer, refiner, processor, marketer, or wholesale distributor, MidCon can deliver value in the supply chain.  Please explore the different services we provide to see if MidCon can help you today.

MidCon Gathering, LLC is privately backed and funded with long-term and ongoing sources of capital to be equipped for growth in an ever-changing market environment.  Our financial partners make it possible for MidCon to focus on service and customer satisfaction in an industry where they are paramount for long-term sustainability, while at the same time providing access to a large industry network.